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CSCS reiterates commitment to cybersecurity awareness


CSCS reiterates commitment to cybersecurity awareness

Jalo-Waziri Haruna - CSCS

The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Central Securities Clearing System Plc, Jalo-Waziri Haruna, has reiterated the company’s commitment to continuous sensitisation on cyberattacks.

Haruna said this at a news conference, on Thursday in Lagos, ahead of the 3rd annual Cybersecurity Conference with the theme, “Future of Cybersecurity: Emerging Issues and Solutions.”

According to him, the annual conference is one of the ways the organisation creates awareness and facilitates knowledge exchange on cybersecurity.

Haruna said cyber-security remained a top priority for the board of directors of the organisation, as a key risk which needed to be given attention.

He said, “Nigeria, and the market infrastructure, is no different as we begin to interconnect amongst APIs, databases, social transactions perspective, to transactional perspective to even a communication perspective.

“We need to make sure that we understand the risks that exist in our market and try to bring out issues with policymakers, participants, experts, to understand what the issues are and proffer solutions.”

The CSCS boss noted that Nigerians should be conscious of the fact that cyber-security had moved beyond just the financial industry.

“Cybersecurity is a key aspect of how the world is going to live, not just financial services or financial markets.

“As you know, open banking has come in, open finance, open API’s interconnectivity across everyone.

“Cybersecurity becomes top requirement and it’s critical as we deliver services, deliver products, as we live our lives.

“Take a look at maybe smart homes, smart offices, working from home; all of these things are part of life. We can’t do anything about them. It’s the way the world is going,” Haruna said.

He, therefore, said it was important and critical to protect oneself from intrusions and disturbances within the system itself.

Haruna also said CSCS was ahead in terms of standardisation compliance, ISO 27 001 for global best practice in data security.

He said, “We can say that we are fairly meeting standards now.

“Certainly we try as much as possible within our own system to be able to build resilience in case it happens and then build protection so that it doesn’t happen from external perspective.”

The CSCS cybersecurity conference, slated for Oct, 27, is an exclusive high-profile business networking event that brings together leading cybersecurity industry professionals, government officials, financial institutions, telecommunication companies and industry regulators.

The conference focuses on discussion on the significance of keeping cyber vigilance on varying degrees of business technology touchpoints for data exchange.

The conference will be held at the Transcorp Hilton Hotels in Abuja on Oct.27, with the collaboration of renowned private and public sector institutions.

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