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GIGM On Past Glory: Commuters Lament Over Poor Service, Unprofessional Staff

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GIGM On Past Glory: Commuters Lament Over Poor Service, Unprofessional Staff


Commuters have lamented over the poor service offered to passengers of God is Good Motors (GIGM) with claims that the popular transport company is only riding on past glory.

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Several road users have called out GIGM on Twitter over poor service coupled with the nonchalance of staff to address problems during journeys.

While some accused the transport company of tardiness, others said their nicely painted rickety buses need to be changed.

In a video shared by Joseph Chinwe @chiwizzi, she claimed she purchased a first-class ticket which reportedly costs over N10,000 for comfort and luxury.

However, to her unpleasant surprise, the AC in the bus was turned off by the driver without offering an explanation to the passengers who felt cheated for not getting the value of the money paid.

According to her, the driver hurled derogatory insults at them for asking too many questions.


This is not the first time such an incident will occur as another online user Daniel Nnamani accused GIGM of changing his seat without notifying him.

@GIGMobility Gigm, your transport system booking is quack and nonsensical. I booked your bus yesterday with reference OH-595C589A79 for seat No. 1.

Your uncultured staff sold out the ticket with unreasonable statement that the bus was changed. Give me seat 9.

Here are complaints from other road users.




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