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Why you should never tell an Uber driver your destination


Why you should never tell an Uber driver your destination


Ride sharing apps are the new most popular means of transportation in Nigeria, however not many consumers of apps like Uber and Taxify are aware of the rules to using the platform.

Lack of knowledge of some of the rules to using the application lead to problems for consumers who attempt to deploy the technology, and sometimes the ride sharing companies do not do their part in informing the public on the proper way to use their platforms.

For example, Uber Nigeria has a policy that its drivers must never ask the rider for his or her destination until the app reveals it to them, after the pickup.

However due to the Nigerian factor, many Uber drivers flout the rules and way before pickup they call the rider to know the destination in order to decide whether they will like to go on the trip or not. This wastes a lot of precious time and energy for the riders.

According to a senior source in Uber Nigeria, drivers are not allowed and/or expected to learn the destination before the trip in order to avert security issues like kidnapping or rape.

Only yesterday, an Uber driver was convicted of raping a passenger by a jury. And earlier this year, one Uber driver was charged with 4 rapes in California.

Uber Nigeria drivers however say the Uber policy of not knowing the destination beforehand cannot work in Nigeria. Some of them say the inquire as to the destination before hand in order not to go on trips that are not profitable to them. According to these drivers, places like Ikotun, Egbeda and Ikorodu are destinations they will prefer not to embark upon.

However riders are still encouraged not to divulge their destination to Uber drivers for any reason whatsoever until the driver arrives.

Problems with the app identified by The Herald in another article are now being evaluated by engineers at Uber.

A source with insider information to operations at Uber Nigeria however disclosed that Uber is facing multiple serious challenges in Nigeria and that the company was struggling to become profitable in the big West African market.

One challenge Uber Nigeria is facing is the refusal of some unscrupulous drivers to remit revenue due Uber Nigeria back to the company after collecting money from riders on cash trips.



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