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Kenya to embrace technology to boost rice production

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Kenya to embrace technology to boost rice production


Kenya’s Agriculture Ministry on Monday said it would collaborate with researchers and technologists in Africa to increase rice production and thus ensure food security in the country.

Hamadi Boga, Principle Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Irrigation, said Africa’s solution to rice deficit relied on adopting innovative technology in rice production.

“Hybrid rice seed in increasing productivity and improving farm incomes is critical in Kenya.

“It is notable that rice development in Asia has been achieved through the use of quality seed especially hybrids.

“The replication of this technology in Africa is a welcome intervention,’’ Boga said in Nairobi during the launch of the Alliance for Hybrid Rice in Africa.

He said that the introduction of hybrid seeds would address rice productivity gap in Kenya and Africa at large.

“Our annual production is about 150,000 metric tonnes (MT) which is far much below the average demand of 570,000 MT.

“The deficit is met through imports which on average cost the country 13 billion shillings (130 million dollars) annually,’’ he added.

Boga said that government targeted to increase annual rice production to 406,486 MT by 2022.

He, however, highlighted modern technologies in irrigation, mechanisation and adoption of high yielding seed varieties among the interventions to reduce the import bill.



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