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Firm Develops App To Help Nigerian Entrepreneurs Sell On Instagram


Firm Develops App To Help Nigerian Entrepreneurs Sell On Instagram


Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world with 800 million active users as at September 2017. This also makes it one of the biggest marketplaces in the world too.

What more, Instagram isn’t only an ‘American tool’ like some people might view it as statistics show that 80 percent of Instagram users come from outside the USA.

Brands and other sellers have not missed out on this as there are over 25 million brands on Instagram, 80 percent of Instagram users follow at least one brand and if you think that perhaps sellers aren’t getting those sales off Instagram then you’re wrong as at least 60 percent of Instagram users find new products from Instagram.

What this means is that more and more sellers are joining the platform in the hopes of making a sale and Instagram connects not just people in a social way, but also in a business way.

Enter Rave Social, a powerful new feature for Instagram sellers who want to manage their inventory and customers from one storefront. Launched by Flutterwave (@theflutterwave) on Instagram, Rave Social makes selling on Instagram easier and it helps sellers get paid in just one click.

Most small business owners find it difficult to get paid on Instagram due to the lack of a simple platform and payment method to adopt which would help their clients, that’s what Rave Social seeks to ease.

With Rave Social, all the merchant needs to do is sign up, enter the details of he/she’s product and once signed up, the link is placed in the seller’s bio and then customers can easily navigate the page to purchase what they want.

Flutterwave have made the entire operation rather simple. Sellers only need to follow the following steps:

1. Follow @theflutterwave on IG
2. Click on link in bio (social.flutterwave.com)
3. Sign up, fill your details.
4. Add items from your Instagram page to your Rave Social store
6. Add descriptions to your products. Tip: Be as creative and as detailed as possible so your customers know exactly what they’re paying for.
7. Customize your Rave Social store link. Tip: Make sure your store name is easy to remember.
8. Share your Rave Social store link everywhere! Put it on a t-shirt or share it to everyone on Whatsapp.

The service costs N2,500 monthly for subscription to the service.

With business moving onto the online platform even more, services such as Rave Social are going to be key in the development of business and consequently, the economy.



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